Luis founded True Crime in Los Angeles in 2015 with fellow playwrights Sharon Yablon and Chris Rossi, and continues to produce the show and serve as a contributing writer. A partner and executive producer at Butcher Bird Studios, Luis works in a variety of media (stage, screen TV, music, video games, comic books, virtual reality, immersive entertainment, etc.). He is particularly fascinated in artistic work that lives at the intersection of media.  With Butcher Bird Studios, Luis specializes in creating content exosystems for clients such as Boeing, AeroVironment, Viacom, and Legendary, among many others. 

Sharon Yablon is a Los Angeles playwright, director, and fiction writer. Her plays have been performed onstage, in hotels, parks, pools, yards, marijuana dispensaries, bars, and other spaces. Her plays and short stories have been widely published and she also was invited to edit a recent anthology of experimental plays. Her play Hello Stranger, which premiered at Theatre of NOTE last year will be published by Original Works this year. She has been involved with True Crime in Los Angeles since its inception.

Chris Rossi is a screenwriter, playwright and producer. He wrote the film Meadowland starring Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson, Elizabeth Moss, Giovanni Ribisi, and directed Reed Morano (Hulu’s A Handmaid’s Tale). He co-wrote the film Adolescence starring India Eisley.  He is currently writing and developing projects for television. His theater work can be found the volume “I Might Be the Person You Are Talking To” published by Padua Playwrights. He is a founding member of True Crime in Los Angeles.

You can find Vanessa submerged in artistic oddities around L.A. and at large. They produce fantastical cabaret, create performance art and theatrical experiences, and work as the Assigning & Deputy Editor for Stage Raw. Vanessa is a contributor and co-producer of True Crime in Los Angeles.